Steam Achievements

Factotum 90
"You're in deep space and something's collided with the ship. Main power is offline and you're trapped. It's lucky you have access to this walker control terminal." [↗]

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: TACS Games
Publisher: TACS Games

Release Date: Jun 20, 2016
Metacritic Score: N/A

13 Total Achievements

A Pressing Matter
Depress a red pressure plate 100 times.
Ballast Of the Summer Wine
Drop a ballast container 100 times.
Hard Reset
Reset your walker 100 times.
Further Study
Study 30 organic samples.
Reproduceable Results
Embrace the vortex 50 times.
Top Secret
Scan 50 terminals.
Flip the Dial
Change walker 1000 times.
Digital Chatter
Talk about the weather 100 times.
Barrels of Fun
Blow up 60 red barrels.
Where Have You Beam All My Life
Use crystals to split an energy beam 60 times.
Bomb Happy
Blow up a bomb 100 times.
There Is a Light Bridge That Never Goes Out
Activate magical light bridges 60 times.
Squid Pro Quo
(No description available)